HERMES 5.1 Foundation

Are you a (prospective) project manager or a project team member and would like to train in HERMES and obtain a recognized certificate? Then the HERMES 5.1 Foundation Training is just right for you!

How you benefit from Hermes 5.1 Foundation Training

In two days you will acquire a basic understanding of the HERMES project management method and prepare for the exam.

With your newly acquired knowledge, you will know how the various methodological elements of HERMES interact and how to approach a project so that you can work efficiently in HERMES projects.

  • Overview of the processes, tasks and results of a HERMES 5.1 project based on service/product scenarios
  • Adaptation of the methodology according to the requirements of your projects
  • Understanding the elements of HERMES 5.1.
  • Benefit incl. application
  • Phase model and decision processes
  • Scenarios and modules
  • Consolidation of the modules project basics, project management and product
  • Consolidation of the modules business organization, implementation organization and project management
  • Overview of the "Notes on application
  • HERMES online, document templates and checklists
  • Preparation for the final exam HERMES 5.1 Foundation
  • You know the essential contents of the HERMES 5.1 project management method in its overall context.
  • You are able to apply basic methods and techniques independently.
  • Based on the scenarios and modules, you can quickly get started with your project.
  • You know the entire method structure.
  • You know all the roles and their tasks, competencies and responsibilities and can adapt them to your environment.
  • You can structure a project using HERMES 5.1 and are also familiar with planning and implementation.
  • You know the governance requirements for the project.
  • Project managers
  • Project staff
  • Team leaders
  • Virtual teams
  • Employees of temporary organizational units
  • Immediately after the training, you will have the opportunity to prove your acquired knowledge in a 60-minute online test at TüV Süd.
  • The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. No aids are permitted.
  • To pass the exam and receive the HERMES 5.1 Foundation certificate, 24 points (60%) must be achieved.


When you register for the HERMES 5 Foundation Training, please provide us with your surname, first name, place of birth or hometown in Switzerland, date of birth, e-mail address, address and exam language. If these data are not complete, we cannot give you access to the exam.
On the day of the exam you will need an official photo ID (e.g. ID) to take the exam. The exam can be taken on-site or online. If it is an on-site training, a person assigned by Tüv Süd will administer the exam (paper-based exam).

Online exams are conducted via the ProctorExam software.
Tüv Süd will send you a registration/exam link to the email address you used to register for this training. You can define the date yourself. Tüv Süd will inform you within one week after the end of the course about the corresponding time frame. At the moment these times are from Friday 01.00 o'clock to Sunday 23.00 o'clock.

As soon as you have registered for the test, it is subject to a fee! The terms and conditions of Tüv Süd apply.

You will receive your certificate only when the following requirements are met:

  • Sufficient correct answers in the multiple choice exam
  • The review of your test by Tüv Süd did not reveal any evidence of possible fraud.

Under the following link you will find the test dates from Tüv Süd:

HERMES has been further developed in the meantime. Take a look at the HERMES 2022 Foundation Training. There you will also learn how the latest edition of HERMES differs from HERMES 5.1.

You can find everything you need to know about the HERMES project management method on the website of the Swiss Confederation.

Interested in completing further training, e.g. on the topic of ITIL? You can find various options on our ITIL training page.

*The costs are covered - if the requirements are met - by Temptraining.

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