ITIL® 4 Foundation

Do you work in IT service management and are you interested in increasing the value of IT for your company? Then the ITIL 4 Foundation training is just right for you!

How you benefit from ITIL 4 Foundation Training

In two days, you will learn the basic terminology, structures, concepts and principles of ITIL 4. You will learn a holistic framework for the creation, delivery and continuous improvement of technology-enabled products and services and prepare for the certification exam.

With your newly acquired knowledge, you will help your company to establish a service management culture and meet current challenges in an agile, smart and efficient way.

Fundamentals and key concepts of IT service management 

  • Terminologies
  • Key concepts of value creation with the help of services
  • Key concepts of service relationships


ITIL principles for the introduction and adaptation of service management

  • The seven guiding principles
  • Application of the guiding principles


Four dimensions of service management

  • Organization and people
  • Information and technology
  • Partners and suppliers
  • Value streams and processes
  • External factors and the Pestle Model


ITIL Service Value System

  • Function and components of the ITIL Service Value System
  • Value chain activities and their interaction and contribution to value streams
  • Function of the value chain activities Plan, Improve, Engage, Design & Transition, Obtain/Build, Deliver & Support


ITIL terminology and practices 

  • Change Enablement
  • Incident Management
  • Problem management
  • Service Request Management
  • Service Desk
  • Service Level Management


Continuous Improvement

  • Introduction of continuous improvement
  • Continual Improvement Model
  • Connection between continuous improvement and guiding principles


Exam preparation

  • You know how modern IT and service organizations work and how they contribute to the added value of the entire company.
  • You understand how speed and efficiency can be increased with value streams.
  • You are familiar with cultural practices that align work processes with the interests of the entire organization.
  • You know how to apply common service management terms and concepts.
  • You have an in-depth understanding of the ITIL value chain and can apply the ITIL framework specifically in your company.
  • CIO
  • IT managers
  • Project managers
  • IT consultants
  • IT consultants
  • IT coordinators
  • IT employees with promotion potential
  • People who want to learn more about IT service management or expand their ITIL V3/2011 knowledge
  • Immediately after the training, you will have the opportunity to prove your acquired knowledge in a 60-minute online exam in German or English at the PEOPLECERT examination institute.
  • The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. No aids are permitted.
  • To pass the exam and receive the official ITIL 4 Foundation certificate, 26 points (65%) must be achieved.
  • The ITIL 4 Foundation certificate confirms your knowledge and lays the foundation for your further ITIL 4 training.

ITIL 4 is the consistent further development of ITIL 3, with the following focal points:

  • Compared to ITIL 3, ITIL 4 no longer focuses on the service lifecycle, but on the service value system. Service delivery is now an important part of an organization's overall value creation.
  • While ITIL 3 refers to processes, ITIL 4 refers to practices. This is because a process only describes the procedure, whereas a practice also includes the necessary skills, competencies and tools.
  • ITIL 4 places a stronger focus on continuous improvement. ITIL 4 encourages companies to constantly rethink and adapt their practices and processes in order to achieve better results.
  • ITIL 4 is more flexible and adaptable than ITIL 3. ITIL practices can now be modified to better suit individual requirements rather than following strictly defined steps.
  • ITIL 4 now integrates agile principles and practices. This enables IT service organizations to react more flexibly and quickly to changing requirements.


The Axelos video concisely summarizes the benefits of ITIL 4 Foundation. ITIL® is a registered trademark of Axelos. All rights reserved.

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